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Transportation Safety Technologies, Inc.

Mark W. Arndt, President

2626 E Arizona Biltmore Circle, Unit 41

Pheonix, AZ 85016



Transportation Safety Technologies Incorporated is a leading consulting and testing firm with specialized and unique expertise in the evaluation of motor vehicle pre-crash and crash performance. Consultations include research and testing in the evaluation and design of motorized vehicle safety systems with special expertise in fuel system design and performance, vehicle handling and stability, motorized vehicle fire cause and origin, investigations, reconstructions, occupant response during collisions and occupant protection systems. Specialized experience includes full scale vehicle handling and rollover stability testing utilizing a steering robot and instrumentation consistent with recommended practice or standards. Test programs evaluating vehicle pre-crash performance include J-turns, circle turns, obstacle avoidance and other common tests including the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s (NHTSA’s) constant speed slowly increasing steer, fishhook and sine with dwell maneuvers. Evaluations include objective measures of vehicle performance under circumstances of different tires/wheels, vehicle load, aftermarket equipment and alternative designs. Tests cover a variety of motorized vehicle components including tests of suspension components, tires, Electronic Stability Control (ESC), door latches, brakes and fuel tanks and related components.

Mark W. Arndt



Mark W. Arndt is the founder and president of Transportation Safety Technologies, Incorporated.  Principal work involves consultation, research and testing in the evaluation and design of motorized vehicle safety systems.  Mark is the author or co-author of 47 publicly available articles, reports or other publications, of which at 42 are peer reviewed published technical papers. As a member the Association for the Advancement of Automotive Medicine (AAAM), Mark was nominated and served as President (2005/06), awarded the AAAM’s A. J. Mirkin Service Award (2003) and Donald F. Huelke Lifetime Member Award (2011), and honored with the 2016 AAAM Fellow Award in recognition of significant and sustained contributions in traffic injury control. Other professional activities include participation as faculty on crash investigation courses and appointment to the Association for the Advancement of Automotive Medicine Executive Committee, Steering committee of the Abbreviated Injury Scale (AIS), and the Editorial Advisory Board of Accident Analysis & Prevention.  Mark has served on numerous Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) committees, participated as chairman and paper reviewer for SAE technical sessions, and selection committee for SAE’s annual Arnold W. Siegel International Transportation Safety Award.

(Read the Curriculum Vitae of Mark W. Arndt)

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