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Sudden Acceleration in Reverse

September 8, 2011 by markarndt I ran across an interesting recall this morning. It is interesting because it points to potential for problems with software in the control modules of key safety systems. The recall summary is:

“Honda is recalling certain model year 2011 CR-Z passenger cars with manual transmissions, manufactured from January 8, 2010, through June 27, 2011. Should the engine stall while the brake pedal is not pressed, there is a possibility that the engine control unit (ECU) software may cause the electric motor of the hybrid system to move the vehicle unexpectedly in the opposite direction of the selected gear.”

Essentially this Honda recall identified a defect that results in sudden acceleration in the opposite direction of intended travel – sudden acceleration in reverse.

This is not the only recent recall on this issue: Buick Lacrosse’ were recalled because an improper diagnosis:

“may cause the ESC to falsely activate, resulting in sudden changes in vehicle handling and deceleration, particularly at higher speeds, which may cause the driver difficulty in maintaining the vehicle’s desired path of travel and desired vehicle speed, and could result in a crash without warning.”

Essentially the Lacrosse recall identified a defect that may result in brakes application on one side of a vehicle while it is traveling at highway speeds – sudden acceleration to the left (or right).


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